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Everyone Loves a Mystery

A Mystery Worth Up To £240

Get five awesome surprises worth up to £240 in value at an incredible price. Find rare limited collection pieces, or even never before released items!

Various mens items that could come in a single mystery bag. Example: Pyjama pants, a t-shirt, sweat pants, a sweater and a hat.
Many boxes all filled with tree saplings ready to plant.

Plant More Trees for Less

One mystery bag. 5 tentree items. 50 trees. Go ahead, plant your heart out—get amazing discounts and still plant ten trees per item!

Gifting Made Easy

The perfect birthday, anniversary, or “just because” gift for any tentree fan. We’ll do the picking, packaging, and planting and you get all the credit!

A mystery box wrapped as a gift.
A photo of Roasoa Lestine, one of the many planters you can help support in Madagascar.

Make Dreams Come True

Meet Roasoa Lestine. She’s one of the awesome planters you help support in Madagascar. With the income from tree planting, she now runs her own coffee shop business. Every purchase helps make dreams like Roasoa’s grow into reality.

Can I Return or Exchange My Mystery Bag?

Every Mystery Bag is hand-selected and packaged by our team, making every order unique, therefore, we are unable exchanges. We cannot offer part returns or exchanges, the whole bag must be returned.

Is There A Possibility Of Receiving Duplicate Items?

Our team works hard to ensure every individual Mystery Bag has unique items. However, we are unable to guarantee there won’t be duplicates in multiple Mystery Bag orders.

My Sizes Differ for Tops and Bottoms—Which Size Should I Choose?

Please order your usual top size. The bottoms we include in mystery bags have a drawstring and elasticated waist and offer more flexibility.

A small tree image.


Trees Planted to Date