Our Situation

Due to irresponsible disposal of industrial waste, including the apparel industry, our global water supplies continue to be contaminated with lethal chemicals.1

Our Impact

An estimated 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used to turn raw materials into textiles, which contributes up to 20% of the world's water pollution

Textile dyeing and treatment contributes up to 17-20% of total industrial water pollution and use up to 8,000 synthetic chemicals, a lot of which flows freely into waterways, endangering humans and ecosystems.2

TENCEL™: Our Solution to Saving and Protecting Our Waters

Let’s shut out water waste. TENCEL™ is made of responsibly sourced wood pulp, and produced in an entirely “closed-loop” process. This means its solvents are captured and reused, and no contaminants are released into the environment. TENCEL™ is one of tentree’s numerous ways we’re committing to protecting the health of the planet.

3 Reasons We Love TENCEL™

A close up of clean water.

Zero Waste

99% of water and chemicals are re-used during manufacturing in a closed loop process. This prevents resource contamination, while minimising environmental impact.

Forest Stewardship Council certified logo.

High Standards

All TENCEL™ materials are FSC® certified, ensuring the trees are responsibly managed and meet environmental and social standards.

A bottle of toxic chemicals.

Clean and Safe

TENCEL™’s wood and pulp originates from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations. By ensuring every step of production is environmentally sound, TENCEL™ fibres are safe to wear, and can ultimately revert back to nature. 3