Our Situation

Plastic—a smooth, shiny, colourful, and convenient material, is also a toxic nuisance to our environment. But with the help of Recycled Polyester, we’re reclaiming plastic and bringing it back from the brink.

Due to irresponsible disposal of waste from the textile industry, global water supplies are contaminated with lethal chemicals. Communities who rely on natural resources are being exposed to polluted waters.1 2 3

Our Impact

We are producing more plastic than we are recycling. Only 9% of the world’s plastic has been recycled. So in all likelihood, the first water bottle you ever drank is still sitting in the landfill, cluttering the environment, and polluting the earth for hundreds of years to come.4

Our Solution: Recycled Polyester

By partnering with companies like REPREVE®, we help you make eco-conscious solutions. Using recycled polyester fibers in our garments help give these plastic bottles a new life, one that isn’t toxic to our planet.

Why We Love Recycled Polyester

A person picking up plastic out of a lake.

Green and Independent

By keeping PET bottles from landfills, we use less energy to produce our garments than conventional manufacturing.

A recycling symbol made from bend plastic water bottles.

Out of Our Natural Resources

By diverting plastic bottles from landfills, we can keep toxic chemicals from contaminating our natural resources, and reduce our dependence on petroleum-based products.

A man wearing tentree apparel hiking in an arid climate.

Durable and Comfortable

Recycled polyester fibers produce some of the most comfortable materials such as fleece sweaters, and hoodies.5