Our Situation

Soil helps maintain food security, and healthy soil can combat climate change while hosting a quarter of our planet’s biodiversity. But it is depleting fast. At the current rate, the world’s healthy soil will be gone in 60 years. 1 2

Our Impact

The apparel industry often uses unsustainable methods to farm fibres like conventional cotton in order to keep up with global demand. As a result, the soil’s health and fertility erodes.3 4 5

Our Solution: Hemp

Hemp uses far less water than conventional cotton and yields far more fibre. By using hemp in our fabrics and blends, we are actively being kinder to our soil and ultimately, kinder to ourselves.6

3 Reasons We Love Hemp

A set of hands working in soil.

Restores Soil

Grown sustainably, organically, hemp can naturally restore soil fertility and revitalise contaminated soils.7

A person squeezing water out of a dropper.

Saves Water

Compared to conventional cotton, hemp can be grown and harvested using far less land, and water, while producing more fibres per acreage.

A bottle of toxic chemicals.

Naturally Grown

Hemp is cultivated without any GMOs. When farmed cleanly, safely, and organically, hemp also naturally aerates the soil and replenishes nutrients back into the environment.8 9