Careers at tentree

At tentree, we are more than just an apparel company. Rather, we’re a group of passionate, eco-minded individuals intent on revitalising our world, and watching our community grow.

Tree Planting

While we do not physically hire tree planters, there are opportunities to apply with a number of our partners across the world: Eden Projects, Urunji, Trees For the Future, WeForest, and 4H.

Welcome to tentree, an environmentally progressive purveyor of lifestyle apparel and accessories that plants ten trees for every item sold. Established in 2012, our mission has always been to create a lasting impact on our planet and the people in it by planting trees, supplying jobs, and providing education for locals all across the world. And we are on the look out for ambassadors of change that are hoping to do the same!

At tentree, we’re all about fostering an energetic, creative environment to help develop our vision of a greener future. We are continuously creating, innovating, and progressing, finding the balance between work and play as we passionately move forwards in our efforts of making real, impactful changes in the world.

So go ahead! Find out for yourself what makes tentree the best company to work for, and begin making your own positive impact.