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Each purchase from this collection is an investment in one of our planet’s most precious regions: The Amazon Rainforest.

  • Reduces Microplastic Pollution
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Protect the Amazon

Plant Trees and Help Protect the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is drying out. Water from melting Andes glaciers are eroding the top layer of soil, causing extremely dry conditions and contributing to forest fires. You will directly support planting efforts to help prevent erosion and reverse the destructive cycle.

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A hand filled with dirt and a tree sapling.

The Impact of Polylepis Trees

Polylepis trees are found high up in the Peruvian mountains and grow a moss around their trunks and roots. Like a sponge, the moss absorbs mountain glacier and rain runoff and releases it into the rivers during the dry season to regulate the flow. This helps prevent hotter summer conditions and droughts.

Where You Plant in Peru

Located ~3.5 km up into the Peruvian mountains, your polylepis trees are planted on a 1,000 ft steep mountain slope by our partnered communities found near the Abra Malaga National park and Ollantaytambo village. Nestled deep in the valley it is here that your impact grows.

Peruvian tree planters hiking up a mountain.
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